Two Features Coming Soon in Voyce

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Posted by Alan on 10 March 2023

A quick summary of what Voyce offers. Manage insights, problems, and solutions using a clean and fun user interface, and set configure Voyce to collect feedback directly from your customers.

Insights, Problems, and Solutions

Not really a standalone feature but more of the default reason for its existence, Voyce will be centered around a simple and accessible workflow for managing Insights, Problems, and Solutions.

Mock ups of the insight, problem, and solution management screens in Voyce.

Insights are the snippets, factoids, opinions, and observations that you, your teammates, or (importantly) your customers share. Insights are the things that problems and solutions stack upon - the evidence that you have a problem which is crying out for a solution.

Problems represent insights that have been triaged, grouped, and properly defined, in order to help us get to the crispy root of an issue. A well-defined problem can be expressed in the voice of your customer which gives it relevance and helps you communicate it more clearly to the rest of your team. It also makes it easier to generate solutions that add real value to your customers. During problem definition we can also quantify severity and scope which helps with prioritization later.

And lastly, solutions are experiments to be run, and these are based around a hypothesis and a desired business outcome. There’s no magic here - you still need to actually do the running, but completing this step keeps the solution (which could be anything from a product feature to a business process change) grounded in delivering real business value. Designing solutions also involves looking at the effort involved in making each change, and this also helps us prioritize all the things we want to do.

None of this is 🚀 science, but Voyce puts some sensible guardrails around the process to make it more robust and repeatable:

  • Insights, problems, and solutions link to one-another. This helps remind us why we made a change in the first place and makes questions like “What was the evidence that this was a problem?”, “What things have we already tried to solve this problem?”, and “What was the outcome when we tried this solution?” insanely easy to answer.
  • Insights, problems, and solutions can be defined quickly, easily, and consistently and this makes you 1000% more likely to capture them at all. This leads to you having higher quality information to share with the team, feeding into your ideation process.
  • Voyce supports multiple workspaces, folders, and tags which can be used arbitrarily and flexibly to organize your work the way you want to. By project, department, website, campus…whatever works.
  • A simple prioritization framework helps you figure out what to work on next, out of all the things you could be doing. This avoids you resorting to using those ‘squeaky wheel’ or ‘easiest first’ methods by default 🤦

This is all baked into a simple user interface that keeps you focused, that isn’t too opinionated about how you use it, and that tries to get out of the way when you don’t need it.

Direct Customer Feedback

What does your main customer contact channel look like, and who’s monitoring it?

Insights from your customers can be 💰💰💰, but they often get locked into a Customer Success tool that isn’t part of your ideation pipeline, or worse, they get buried in a database or an email inbox that nobody is reading.

At its core, Voyce is a good-looking repository for customer insights, and it would be naughty if we didn’t make it easy to get insights into the system in the first place. That’s why this feedback can be funnelled straight into Voyce, directly from your customers, to sit alongside the insights you’re gathering from all your other channels.

This is not one of those ‘voting’ tools that you might have seen, as we think the process of turning raw insights into actionable experiments is a bit more nuanced than that. But we believe that listening to your customers should be one of the most important inputs into your ideation process, and we want to make it easy for you to gather and track the best qualitative and quantitative feedback possible.

An image showing the quick feedback feature coming soon in Voyce.

So that's it. A simple and elegant interface for managing insights, defining and sorting problems, and generating and documenting solutions. Along with an easy to configure channel for directly harvesting feedback from your customers.

Check out Voyce today (it's free). Create an account, have a play, and let us know what you think.

Voyce is built around 3 simple ideas...
A range of product insights can be collated.

Capture and centralize your customer insights.

Voyce is a beautiful repository for all your customer research, insights & feedback.
Organize problems by severity and scope to help find those that should be fixed first.

Define, validate, and triage customer problems.

Link and convert your insights into clearly defined problems, to find the 'why?', and identify those that are critical to solve.
Easily generate multiple solutions to the problems you've identified.

Discover opportunities and build the right things.

Create smarter solutions that deliver real value and delight your customers. Understand when to say 'go' or 'no'.