Quickly mark-up any image using Image Scribble

A scribble smiley face.A scribble underline.

A quick doodle on a picture can often be the most efficient method to share a problem, concept, or creative spark with your team.

Save time. Screenshot, annotate, catalogue & share - all in one place.

A mock-up showing a user taking a screenshot for use with Voyce Image Scribble.
1. Screenshot it.

Take a screenshot and paste it from your clipboard directly into a Voyce Insight, Problem, or Solution. No clunky uploading of files... simply copy and paste.

A mock-up showing how to scribble on a Voyce Image Scribble.
2. Scribble on it.

Click the ‘Scribble on this’ button on the image you just uploaded and mark up the image.

A mock-up showing notes and comments being added to a Voyce Image Scribble.
3. Add notes & share it.

Add extra notes or expand on the details of the item. Easily share with other team members who can comments and discuss as required.

How Image Scribble Enhances Clarity for Users

A mock-up showing how to use Voyce Image Scribble for bug tracking.
Bug Tracking

Voyce can be used when bug tracking to allow team members to take screenshots of software glitches, annotate them with specific details or error messages, and then add explanatory notes to guide developers when fixing the issues.

A mock-up showing how to use Voyce Image Scribble for QA testing.
QA Testing

Use Voyce during QA testing to capture screenshots of test cases, annotate them with test results or inconsistencies, and then add notes for further clarification to make suggestions for improvements.

A mock-up showing how to use Voyce Image Scribble for competitor analysis.
Competitor Analysis

During competitor analysis Voyce enables teams to take screenshots of competitors' products or services, annotate key features or strategies, and add comprehensive notes for in-depth comparative analysis.

A mock-up showing how to use Voyce Image Scribble for user interface problems.
User Interface Problems

Voyce can be used to effectively identify user interface problems. Capture screenshots of UI elements that are not functioning properly, annotate them with user feedback or usability issues, and then add notes for the design team to make necessary adjustments.

A mock-up showing how to use Voyce Image Scribble for PDF markups.
PDF Markups

When proof-reading PDFs or making notes on translations, Voyce allows users to take screenshots of documents, mark them up with comments, corrections, or highlights, and then add detailed notes to further explain the context of proposed changes.

A mock-up showing how to use Voyce Image Scribble for design inspiration.
Design Inspiration

In the realm of design inspiration, Voyce can be a valuable tool to capture screenshots of inspiring designs, annotate them with creative ideas or elements of interest, and add notes to record thoughts or concepts for future design projects.

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