Share Your Voyce Feedback Form for Maximum Impact

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Posted by Alan on 28 June 2023

Sharing access to your Voyce Feedback form is designed to be quick and easy. Add it to the places that your customers and users are currently seeing, and continuously encourage them to provide the feedback that will help you improve your business.

Getting links to your Voyce Feedback form in front of people is as simple as publishing a URL. Our advice is to start sharing wherever you can, and then start experimenting with placement options and how you communicate the request to see what works best!

Here are some great places to start sharing links to your Voyce Feedback form:

A mock showing Voyce Feedback linked from the footer of an email.

Email Footers

We're always sending email to our customers to stay in touch and to let them know what has changed. Include a clickable link to a Voyce Feedback form in the footer of your site emails, and allow that feedback to flow in continuously. Customers will love you if they don't have to go hunting for ways to get in touch!

A mock showing Voyce Feedback linked from a direct email.

Direct Emails & Newsletters

Create an email that contains a link to a Voyce Feedback form, and send it to your leads, customers, or users either directly or though your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Newsletters are also great place to ask for feedback, especially if you're targeting a highly-engaged segment. Play with the template over time, and try to optimize the response rate.

A mock showing a Voyce Feedback QR code printed on a menu sitting on a table in front of some food.

Table Items & Promotional Material

Capture authentic, in-the-moment feedback from your customers with thoughtfully placed QR codes on tables in your café, restaurant, or other venue, or distribute to attendees or exhibitors at an event or conference you're organizing. Improve and grow your business by actively seeking out the opinions of the people you serve, and build a reputation for putting your customers first.

A mock showing Voyce Feedback linked from a business card.

Business Cards

Are you handing out business cards with product samples at trade shows, conferences, and other events? Generate a QR code to make your feedback URL scannable, and pop it onto your business cards to allow customers to let you know what they think.

A mock showing Voyce Feedback linked from a receipt.

Sales Receipts

Sales and transactions receipts are great places to put links to a Voyce Feedback form. Again, make them scannable from a mobile phone by creating a QR code, and pop them right on the end there. A customer or user will have them right at hand when they want to send you valuable feedback.

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A mock showing a Voyce Feedback QR code embedded in an iOS app being used by front-of-house staff.

Customer Service / FOH Staff

Having your customer service and front-of-house staff collect customer feedback is a fantastic idea. Because they're often the first point of contact for customers, they're extremely well-placed to gather immediate and authentic insights. This humanizes your business, enhances customer satisfaction, and shows your customers you really care about their opinions.

A mock showing Voyce Feedback linked from a website.

Web and Mobile Apps

Web and mobile apps are built around text links and buttons to click on, so there are endless options to dress up a link to your Voyce Feedback form to gather insights from users. You can even create multiple links to funnel feedback from different parts of your site (or app!) to different feedback boards inside Voyce. This keeps everything nicely organized - a bonus when dealing with complicated systems!

A mock showing a Voyce Feedback link being sent in an SMS.

SMS Customer Follow-ups

Whack a Voyce Feedback link into an outreach SMS if you collect customers' phone numbers. SMS messages are short, and personal - a great place to engage with people that you value feedback from.

A mock showing Voyce Feedback linked from an online checkout process.

Online Checkout Processes

If you're running an online store, booking process, or other sort of marketplace, one of the most important places to ask for feedback is at the end of the online checkout process. Add a button that links straight through to o Voyce Feedback, and follow this up with a QR code on the receipt or packing slip. Never miss a chance to find out what your customers really think, and build an impressive store of insights you can use to truly improve your business.

A mock showing Voyce Feedback on a shopping site.

Online Shopping & Ecommerce Sites

Grabbing feedback at the end of key transactions is absolutely essential if you want to improve your offering to your customers. Use feedback links to gather insights from the users and customers of your online store or ecommerce site - ask how you're doing, or what you could be doing more of, and dress those links up to really get their attention!

A mock showing Voyce Feedback linked from social media.

Social Media

Voyce already allows you to easily share to Facebook and Twitter using their built-in sharing tools, but you can also manually post the link to your Voyce Feedback form yourself, if you want to target a more specific audience or have more control over the content of the post/tweet. Do whatever you need to get in front of your customers.

Any Voyce workspace can be set up to gather feedback (you can do it in under 5 minutes) and all Voyce plans come with unlimited workspaces - the number of places you can add Voyce Feedback links is endless. Get started with Voyce Feedback today.

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