The simple way to collect, discover & prioritize.

Enable your customers to effortlessly share their experience shopping in your store by answering the 'Magic Question'. Each piece of feedback integrates smoothly into Voyce, making it simpler for you to sort and prioritize crucial insights that help improve your retail operation.

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Unlock the potential of the 'Magic Question'.

Leveraging our extensive experience in consumer research, we've identified a single question that consistently reveals meaningful insights in the retail sector. This 'Magic Question' yields valuable knowledge about how your retail store can evolve, attracting the most responses and delivering crucial feedback for improvement.

Experience a hassle-free setup.

Collecting feedback through your Voyce Feedback form is as simple as sharing a link. No intricate configurations or testing - it's an immediately usable tool designed specifically for retailers.

Address customer concerns...promptly.

Access and manage feedback from your customers in real-time as they submit it, equipping you with the ability to respond quickly and proactively before concerns spread to other online review platforms.

Engage with your customers.

Your customers can leave their contact info if they'd like a follow-up conversation about their shopping experience. This facilitates maintaining a strong connection with your customers, ultimately leading to higher loyalty and repeat visits.

Sample Google Reviews.

Avoid negative Google reviews.

Prevent potential negative Google reviews by addressing feedback swiftly via Voyce. By offering a swift, personalized response to customer concerns, you'll not only resolve issues but also foster stronger relationships with your shoppers, thus bolstering your online reputation.

Unlock invaluable insights into shopper preferences.

Uncover what your customers truly value about your retail store, empowering you to amplify these attributes to increase shopper satisfaction.

Link to it from any retail touchpoint.

Incorporate a link to your Voyce Feedback Form in various customer communication channels - receipts, newsletters, social media, in-store signs, and more. For added convenience, generate a QR code for effortless access through printed materials, like flyers or posters in your store.

Why use Voyce to collect customer insights instead of email or Facebook Messenger?

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Centralize Customer Insights: A dedicated home for all your customer research, insights, and feedback.
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Build Innovatve Solutions: Develop impactful solutions and decide when to implement them.
Manage Customer Problems: Define, validate, and prioritize your customer problems.
Improve User Experiences: Use design thinking to enhance customer experiences.
Discover Trends: Collect insights and identify emerging problem trends and opportunities.
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Leverage Customer Reviews to Drive Real-World Improvements in Your Retail Business

After collecting customer feedback, Voyce becomes your retail assistant to help transform those insights into defined challenges, helping you delve into the underlying reasons. It further aids you in pinpointing those vital issues that need to be addressed for an enhanced retail experience.

Transform Issues Into Opportunities With an Array of Innovative Retail Solutions.

Voyce energizes the generation of practical solutions for retail challenges, facilitating the selection of impactful, yet manageable strategies. It nurtures strategic thinking, aiding in tracing the journey from recognizing customer pain points to selecting optimal solutions for a superior shopping experience.

A image showing the flow of problems into solutions in Voyce.
Voyce is a lot more...
A range of product insights can be collated.

Capture and centralize your customer insights.

Voyce is a beautiful repository for all your customer research, insights & feedback.
Organize problems by severity and scope to help find those that should be fixed first.

Define, validate, and triage customer problems.

Link and convert your insights into clearly defined problems, to find the 'why?', and identify those that are critical to solve.
Easily generate multiple solutions to the problems you've identified.

Discover opportunities and build the right things.

Create smarter solutions that deliver real value and delight your customers. Understand when to say 'go' or 'no'.