How to Set Up Your Voyce Feedback Form

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Posted by Alan on 26 June 2023
Mock of Voyce Feedback.

Configure your Voyce Feedback form and start gathering feedback from users and customers within 5 minutes.

Setting up your first Voyce Feedback form is easy and quick. Follow the six following steps and you’re well on your way to collecting timely and rich feedback from customers and users.

1. Create a new workspace to store your feedback (optional).

A single Voyce Feedback channel funnels feedback into an associated Voyce workspace. A workspace can represent anything you like - a specific app, a particular retail store, or a singular business process like 'The refund process'. You are free to name and organize workspaces any way you’d like - use whatever best represents your business to you.

Either eye-ball an existing workspace that you want to enable feedback for, or create a new workspace. There is currently no limit on the number of workspaces you can have inside your free Voyce account, so go nuts!

2. Navigate to the Voyce Feedback pane.

Enter your new or chosen workspace and navigate to the Voyce Feedback pane by selecting Voyce feedback in the sidebar. Once setup is complete, all your collected feedback is going to automatically appear in this Voyce Feedback pane.

To allow feedback collection make sure your feedback form is switched ON. This happens automatically when you first access this page but don’t worry, your feedback form is not discoverable until you share the link with your customers or users - we’ll show you how to do this below. 

Opening the Voyce Feedback pane.

If you don’t want to share the form with anyone just yet, just switch it OFF again. If a user clicks a link to a feedback form that is switched OFF, this is what they’ll see:

A screenshot showing what a user sees if a Voyce Feedback form is switched OFF.

3. View the default form (optional).

Clicking the View form button opens a new tab which shows you what your form looks like - this is what your customers and users will see [I’m just going to say 'users' from now on, ok?]. You can click around and have a bit of a play if you like, or return to this view later.

Note that this view shows the desktop form by default - if your users click through on a mobile phone things will look slightly different. Here's what the first two uncustomized pages of the feedback process looks like:

A screenshot of the default (uncustomized) first page of the Voyce Feedback process.
A screenshot of the default (uncustomized) second page of the Voyce Feedback process.

Close this tab when you’re done looking and return to the browser tab with your Voyce Feedback form in it.

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4. Customize your feedback form by adding your logo (optional).

Everything looks better with your business logo on it, right?

Click the Customize button and a modal window opens to show a mobile preview of your feedback form.

Customize your Voyce Feedback form.

Use this view to upload a customer logo to add a bit of ⚡pizzazz⚡ to your feedback form. Click the Choose a logo button in the upper-left corner, select an image on your computer, and watch the preview update to show you what it's all going to look like. Once you’re happy with how your form looks, click Save to upload the image, and then close the modal window.

Custom logo added to Voyce Feedback form.

5. View your newly customized form (optional).

Now that you’ve uploaded a logo you might want to see how your feedback form looks. Redo step 3 to double-check what your users will see.

Customized Voyce Feedback form.

6. Share your form with your users, and start gathering feedback.

Getting your feedback form in front of your customers, at a time and place where they are likely to want to give useful feedback, is incredibly important if you want to gather useful insights. Don't just spam a link out and hope for the best! Also, be prepared to experiment with different channels so that you can be sure you're gathering the most valuable feedback.

For now, you have four basic options for generating or sharing a link to your feedback form - they're numbered in the screenshot below:

Showing the four basic options for sharing a Voyce Feedback link.
  • Copy Link: Click the Copy Link button to copy the generated feedback link to the clipboard, and then send this link directly to users as part of a survey request, or any, say, post-sale process that you already have. This might be you sending a receipt or invoice out, a monthly statement, or a Thank You note on their birthday. Or you might want to include a link in a custom mail out you’re doing through your CRM or email list.
  • Email: Click the Email button to open a basic email template that includes a sample email along with the feedback link. You can change this template to say whatever you want, or send it as-is.
  • Facebook: Click the Facebook button to share through Facebook’s sharer. Note that anyone that sees the message will be able to send you feedback, which may or may not be what you want!
  • Twitter: Click the Twitter button to share through Twitter’s sharer. Just like Facebook, anyone that sees this message will be able to submit feedback, so make sure the Twitter audience you select is correct!

That’s it for the mechanics of setting up and sending out links to a Voyce Feedback form. If you get stuck sharing links to your Voyce Feedback form, or are not sure where to start, check out some ideas for places to get in front of your customers.

Remember, you can currently set up as many forms as you’d like, so don’t be shy. Set up those workspaces and get as many links out there in front of your customers as you think you need.

💣Boom!💥 Less than 5 minutes gone and now you're primed to receive quality feedback from your customers wherever they are!

Want meaningful customer feedback? Try Voyce Feedback for Free!

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