Does the World Need Another Problem-Solving Tool?

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Posted by Alan on 10 February 2023

When we set out to build Voyce one of the questions we needed to answer was "Does the world really need more software to help people organize insights and solve problems?"

Ideally, the conversation would have been short and the answer would have been, "No, it's a solved problem and the solution is excellent." But, having worked in the software problem-solving space for more than a few years, we knew that the reality is more nuanced than that.

Truth is, many companies are unfamiliar with, or don’t care for, the tools and processes that software companies use to solve problems and communicate ideas. They’re not staffed with an army of product-led agile rock star developers, and don’t need the complex tools that plug directly into elaborate DevOps pipelines that drive large enterprises.

And yet, these companies still have paying customers, and these paying customers still have pain, and this pain still needs to be addressed.

Voyce is a ❤️ letter to all those companies that are listening to their customers and trying hard to solve their problems, but will appeal most to organizations that value simplicity over complexity; companies that prefer a straightforward, well-crafted user experience over a maze of generic form fields and unnecessary functionality.

And although we’ve bolted on a few bells and whistles along the way, most of Voyce is about making it easy to collect customer insights, identify and define actual problems, and begin the process of generating and experimenting with solutions.

We hope that what stands out about Voyce is just how simple it is. Voyce doesn't contain everything plus the kitchen sink and it’s not designed to appeal to everyone. But we believe Voyce will be an attractive option for individuals and organizations that:

  • hold customers at the heart of their business, and who genuinely want to get better at capturing insights so they can make better product decisions;
  • prefer tools that have been thoughtfully designed around a small, focused number of use cases;
  • would rather use software that guides users through a process intelligently and with empathy, instead of something that drops them in the deep end as soon as sign up is complete.

How are you collecting and making sense of what your customers are telling you right now?

If there’s room for improvement and if Voyce sounds like a good fit for you, then reach out and let us know. Maybe we can get some of your ideas into Voyce.

Stay curious.

Voyce is built around 3 simple ideas...
A range of product insights can be collated.

Capture and centralize your customer insights.

Voyce is a beautiful repository for all your customer research, insights & feedback.
Organize problems by severity and scope to help find those that should be fixed first.

Define, validate, and triage customer problems.

Link and convert your insights into clearly defined problems, to find the 'why?', and identify those that are critical to solve.
Easily generate multiple solutions to the problems you've identified.

Discover opportunities and build the right things.

Create smarter solutions that deliver real value and delight your customers. Understand when to say 'go' or 'no'.