Why We Built Voyce

Profile image of Alan's face holding a Voyce branded cup.
Posted by Alan on 30 January 2023

Do you remember what you were doing back in 2011? For anyone that was tracking bugs in software, organising product features, capturing things-to-do, or building roadmaps, a new tool was dropped on the market that was an AMAZING breath of fresh air.

Trello was an absolute game-changer compared to the other tools of the day, with its fancy UX, browser animations, great collaboration features, and a user interface that just got out of the way so you could get your work done. We love Trello and still use it daily, and it was a wake-up call for the old, slow, bloated, and generic tools that were commonly used at the time.

We think that anyone in the business of selling products & services to paying customers deserves software like that. There are some amazing 'product management' tools available today, but those tools can be huge, expensive, unfocused, and are constantly trying to be everything to everyone. That's fine if you have the money and clout to get your entire organisation onboarded and trained up, but what if you want something simpler, and more lean and nimble than that?

An animated visualization of some of the functionality in Voyce.

Well, that's where Voyce comes in, and if those tools are the sledgehammers then we're building the scalpel. Voyce is not intended to be a generic product management tool - it will be a precision piece of software that uses design thinking to help you capture insights from your customers, define problems to fix and opportunities to address, and generate and evaluate potential solutions.

Voyce will help you do the things that add real value in your business and will appeal if you appreciate a clean and polished user experience without all the feature-bloat. We look forward to sharing Voyce with you shortly. Feel free to create an account (free) and let us know what you think.

Voyce is built around 3 simple ideas...
A range of product insights can be collated.

Capture and centralize your customer insights.

Voyce is a beautiful repository for all your customer research, insights & feedback.
Organize problems by severity and scope to help find those that should be fixed first.

Define, validate, and triage customer problems.

Link and convert your insights into clearly defined problems, to find the 'why?', and identify those that are critical to solve.
Easily generate multiple solutions to the problems you've identified.

Discover opportunities and build the right things.

Create smarter solutions that deliver real value and delight your customers. Understand when to say 'go' or 'no'.