September 2023 New Features

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Posted by Alan on 26 September 2023

We spent September refining Voyce’s user interface and adding collaboration features for teams (details below). It's exciting to see users starting to share their own private feedback boards and experimenting with Voyce Feedback. Hooray for Early Adopters! Nice work 👍

Here’s a quick summary of the improvements we made to Voyce in September 2023:

Workspace emails

Making it easy to work as a team has always been part of the vision for Voyce. We introduced teammate invitations last month, and this month we’ve added a number of workspace emails to help everyone stay up to date. If you’re sharing a workspace with others, email notifications are now sent when new Insights, Problems, and Solutions/Ideas are added, and when comments are made on issues. Additionally, an email is also sent as soon as someone submits new Voyce Feedback, helping you to stay across user sentiment in real time.

Curious about what makes Voyce Feedback so easy to use for your users? Have a look at ours.

Unser interface improvements

We also made a lot of small usability improvements to Voyce. The placement and contrast of card titles has been improved to make them more scannable, important fields have been made more obvious, and long links and other text strings now wrap better in issue modals. We’ve also made smaller improvements to a number of modals within Voyce - all basic fit ‘n’ finish stuff that seeks to make Voyce easier and more satisfying for our users to use.

Screenshots of Voyce showing the usability improvements made for documenting problems and solutions.

No more free-text problem definitions

We want users to be able to create problem statements quickly, easily, and consistently without having to think too much about the right words to use. To meet these goals we’ve decided to standardize on the structured format for problem definition statements going forward. All you need to create really tightly defined problem statements is (one or more of) some context, a description of the goal you’re seeking, the expected value, and the obstacle that your users are currently encountering.

Enjoy exploring these new features and small improvements and, as always, get in touch by email or using Voyce - we’re always happy to chat.

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